Fitness Development,

Performance Enhancement

and Injury Prevention

Cardinal Muscle Performance takes its name from the cardinal principles involved in attaining and maintaining optimum physical fitness, health, and wellbeing. Our specialized training techniques focus on maximizing performance while instilling techniques for preventing injuries.

Our goal-oriented programs are designed to help our clients reach their specific goals. We’ve learned that working towards a foreseeable goal is a great motivational device and critical to achieving success.


We are the only MAT - Certified fitness facility in the North Texas Region.

Come join us. And let’s get moving. We’ll guide you to your fitness goal.

Meet Janelle


Janelle Nicole is one of North Texas’ most well-established and highly respected professional fitness trainers. She is Resistance-Training Certified, is a Certified Fitness Resistance Specialist, and is the only personal trainer in North Texas to hold an accreditation in Muscle Activation Techniques

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MAT Training

It’s not what its name suggests. The MAT training you’ll receive at Cardinal Muscle Performance has little to do with working out on padded floor mats. It is a specialized training approach that supports mobility, conditioning and injury prevention.

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Personal Training


In their fully equipped, state-of-the art facility, Janelle and her team conduct both private and semi-private personal training sessions. This provides you the flexibility to reach your performance goals in whichever type environment best suits your needs.

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Easy Scheduling


The private, semi-private, Zoom and MAT training sessions at Cardinal Muscle Performance are not only competitively priced, they’re designed to fit your busy schedule. We offer flexible scheduling options that you can conveniently book online.