"I started going to Janelle several years  ago after being diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease impacting my legs. I could hardly walk, and doctors feared I would soon need a wheelchair. After a lot of hard work building muscles I not only walk, jog, and hike, but my mobility allows me to enjoy my life to its fullest. I'm not cured of anything, but the trajectory has changed. Janelle rocks!

Paul Dietz
In-Studio Private Client


"Working with Janelle has been the only thing that has helped me lose weight along with exercise. Working with her has forced me to understand so much more about what I am putting into my body. I am not perfect, but my goal was to be at a certain point when I hit 40 years old and I did it! My program has helped compliment my strength training which makes me feel stronger and more confident 💪 ."

Margaret Strowe
Online Nutrition Guidance Client


"Janelle at Cardinal Muscle Performance changed my life. 

My shoulder had been chronically injured for over a year. I had multiple MRIs, non surgical PRP therapy, spent thousands of dollars and met with multiple Orthopedic surgeons with no relief or change. I had to stop doing the things I loved, it hurt so badly.

No more surfing, working out, or doing anything active.

After one visit with Janelle, she identified a structural defect in my shoulder and a plan to rehabilitate it. After following her rehabilitation plan and protocol, I have been able to regain all function and strength in my shoulder and have no limitations.

I highly recommend Cardinal Muscle Performance to anyone wanting to rehabilitate an injury or improve their performance."

Chad Evans
In-Studio Corrective Exercise Client