CMP Glute Development Program

4 Weeks

Our signature glute development program with emphasis on increasing hip mobility, improving pelvic positioning, and increasing glute strength and size.

This program includes: 

*Access to the Cardinal Muscle Performance App

*4 workouts per week for 4 weeks

*Access to a discussion group with fellow program participants, and your own program coach



RemoteNutrition (1).jpg

CMP Weight Loss Nutrition Program 

6 Weeks

Imagine a nutrition program that combines educating you with nutrition science, while helping you build goal-oriented nutrition habits, AND helping you take an interactive role in your nutrition! Well, that's this program!

This program breaks nutrition down into macro components, and teaches about each while helping you build positive nutrition habits week by week.


You'll be asked to participate by posting pictures, answering questions, and sharing how YOU solve common nutrition problems in our group of fellow participants! Not only that, each week, you'll get a live Q&A with your nutrition coach, recorded and posted within your group for you to watch at your convenience!

What you receive:
*Access to our branded app

*6 weeks of guidance, education, and participation on what to eat and why


*Weekly break down of macro nutrients and how to integrate them in your daily nutrition habits

*Daily prompts to share your nutrition choices and experience in order to receive feedback from your nutrition coach and fellow participants

*Weekly live Q&A session with your nutrition coach that is recorded and posted for you to watch at your convenience! 




1-On-1 Remote Fitness Development + Nutrition Guidance


Take your own fitness professional and nutrition coach anywhere with you via your phone!

This service includes:
*Access to the Cardinal Muscle Performance App


*Goal-Oriented programming based on your goals


*Unlimited communication with your fitness professional.


*Weekly check-ins from your fitness professional

*Weekly detailed nutrition log feedback

Per Month



CMP Oppositional Strength Mobility Program: Level 1

4 weeks

3 days/week

Many mobility programs ignore the fact that often chronic tightness is caused by weakness in areas of common ranges of motion. This causes your body to shorten your range of motion by increasing tension in order to not allow your body to move into the potentially 'dangerous' range of motion.


This program addresses this fact by rapidly pairing mobilization movements with strength movements to help your body become more mobile by creating safer, more stable ranges of motion. 

You'll need bands, both mini hip bands, and long resistance bands. If you don't have them, there will be links within the program where you can purchase them.