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Personal Training Individual and Group Sessions

In their fully equipped, state-of-the art facility, Janelle and her team conduct both private and semi-private personal training sessions. This provides you the flexibility to reach your performance goals in whichever type environment best suits your needs, either through dedicated, one-on-one interaction with your trainer, or in a motivational group setting where you can compete with and be encouraged by others who are working towards similar fitness objectives.

What is MAT Training?

It’s not what its name suggests. The MAT training you’ll receive at Cardinal Muscle Performance has little to do with working out on padded floor mats. Instead, it is a specialized training approach that supports mobility, conditioning and injury prevention. Our MAT-certified trainers provide you with regular access to Muscle Activation Sessions that help your body move correctly and your muscles fire properly in order to improve physical performance, minimize the risk of muscle injury and maximize overall fitness.

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